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Travel-sized and naturally sweetened, our Body Butters are the perfect portable dessert for your sensual evening. Offered in four delectable flavors — Chocolate, Peppermint Pattie, Chocolate-Orange, Vanilla, and Orange Creamsicle — they smell great and taste fantastic, inspiring flavored kisses and full body explorations. Where do you want to be kissed?

Where do you want to be kissed?


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my skin loves your touch!

Saturate their senses with our Organic Massage Oils. The smooth glide of your hands over your sweetie’s body builds a powerful connection. Choose one of our carefully crafted scents to add an aphrodisiac effect — it’s intimacy magic. Try sweet Vanilla, spicy Chai, relaxing Lavender, or unscented Naked. Or try our luscious Foot Cream — a perfect way to renew and revive sore/cracked/achy feet and legs. These discretely sized bottles make wonderful surprise gifts.

Organic Touch

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We want to help you experience the joy of enhanced closeness and communication in your personal life, through the sweetness of our tantalizing, certified organic, body products.

We fight to keep your special moments special.  It’s hard to avoid pollutants and toxins in our daily lives, even in our romantic experiences.  The chemicals found in many personal care products can cause cellular damage to us, and heavily impact our waterways and wildlife.  We proudly stand behind the safety of the ingredients we use at As You Like It Organics.

Our Commitment To Organics

  • Paraben Free

  • GMO Free 

  • Nut Oil Free

  • NO Artificial Flavors

  • NO Artificial Scents

  • NO Artificial Colors 

  • Sugar Free

  • Gluten Free



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