Relaxing Lavender Massage Oil

Add a little glide to your sensual evening with our Organic Massage Oils. Bringing scent into intimate settings increases the depth of experience. Lavender, Vanilla, Chai, and our “Naked” (unscented) travel-size products make ideal small gifts. We understand how important it can be to “get naked” for those who prefer a simpler product. The “Naked” also makes a great base for adding your own scents!


Lavender – Lavender flowers are used throughout the world in body-care products, perfumes, and even in cooking! Because Lavender soothes the nervous system, it is a wonderful choice to enhance a relaxed and contemplative evening. Let the stresses of the day melt away with our Organic Lavender Massage Oil and Lotion.

*Sunflower Seed Oil Base

Relaxing Lavender Massage Oil


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