About Us

Founded by a long time environmental activist, As You Like It Organics creates body-safe delights that saturate the senses to promote increased intimacy and fun!  Recognizing the connection between environmental health and people’s need for healthy body care products led us to develop this exciting line. Our certified organic body butters and massage oils are formulated to infuse your love life with sensual choices that are good for you, and for the Earth.


Our Goals


We want to help you experience the joy of enhanced closeness and communication in your personal life, through the sweetness of our tantalizing, certified organic, body products.

We fight to keep your special moments special.  It’s hard to avoid pollutants and toxins in our daily lives, even in our romantic experiences.  The chemicals found in many personal care products can cause cellular damage to us, and heavily impact our waterways and wildlife.  We proudly stand behind the safety of the ingredients we use at As You Like It Organics.


Our Values


There is a lot of confusion around the words “natural” and “organic”.  With regards to foodstuffs, the US government has established clear and firm guidelines regarding the use of chemical treatments, genetically modified organisms, and growing techniques, to assure customers that the foods they consume are free from contaminants that might endanger their health.  With body care products the rules are a little different.  Much like a manufacturer can use the term “all natural” without ever providing any definition for what those words mean, the FDA does not define or regulate the term “organic,” as it applies to cosmetics, body care, or personal care products.  [Source: USDA Organics FactSheet]

We believe that what you put on your body matters just as much as what you put in your body.  All body care products are absorbed directly into your skin, and thus should be as safe and high-quality as what you eat.  To put this belief into practice, As You Like It Organics has taken the extra step of obtaining Third Party Organic Certification for all our products.  Our massage oils and body butters are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the premier USDA Organic certifier.
We are a woman-owned, body-positive, inclusive company that celebrates the full spectrum of love and intimacy.  Our products are designed for everybody and every body.


Our Team


Kim Marks: Founder/Owner


Kim Marks, owner and founder of As You Like It Organics, is a cancer survivor who brings over 20 years of environmental and social justice activism to the table. When she launched As You Like It Organics, her top goal was to bring environmentally conscious and body safe products to a diverse consumer base.  Kim is a huge enthusiast of organic and non-toxic body care products as a means to help promote wellness, and keep pollutants out of our eco-system.  Additionally, given Kim’s passion for body-safe pleasure products, sex education, and LGBTQ rights, she has become a go-to person in her community for advice on relationships, and healthy communication.

As a grassroots organizer working on environmental and climate justice issues, Kim has worked alongside groups such The Longshoreman, Cascadia Forest Alliance, the Steelworkers Union, Idle No More WA, and Tribal Canoe Journey Green Team.  She currently works for Greenpeace, and sits on the board of Voices of the Sacred.  She is deeply committed to cultivating equity and sustainability.

Jorah LaFleur: Marketing/Design


Jorah LaFleur is a strategic creative who enjoys finding the right words and imagery to tell the story of a product, service or organization.  Drawing on years of non-profit experience and her work as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jorah is thrilled to champion the value of As You Like It Organics’s high-integrity, certified organic, body care products.


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